This is who we are - Swedes

There are a number of things that distinguish Supra from our competitors. Below we will try to explain them one by one, once and for all, beginning with No-Nonsens Concept.

All we do should be tailored from commercially available material. That means in clear no hocus-pocus, mystery boxes, batteries, cryogenic treatment of 9N Copper or any other measures that borders to religious believes rather than scientific proofs. We intend not to by any means diminish any religion when expressing this, but for the sake of all religions and the hifi-community, our belief is to keep them strictly apart.


Our No-Nonsense Concept builds upon following four corner stones

  • Highest commercially available material standard
  • All through a technical based and measureable design that also should be innovative
  • Proprietary design and manufacturing in our own premises in Ljungskile, Sweden
  • Licensed personnel e.g. soldering to military standards


This belief put us regularly in a position of having to prove why our products often sonically supersedes our competitors, while costing a fraction and displaying an outer appearance that maybe does not have that final sex appeal some might expect. We will nevertheless continue to spend much less, allowing us to go on offering our valued costumers sonically sound cables with very modest outer appearance, but loaded with quality at a price no one beats.

The last statement here also describes why we offer our cables in an Ice Blue finish, the Nordic climate, the simplicity, no loud mouth envelope, just tons of performance. The only thing that matters, when you are alone on in the wintery mountains and heading for a snow storm. We leave the fancy stuff and bring only the things needed to get the job done. Whenever you test any of our products, live with it for a while, you will understand the full meaning of the above.


We have a few technical statements that we live according to

  • Supra speaker cable should for each price level meet minimum requirement of the most malignant of all sonic properties, lowest possible inductance. As you might recognize, each speaker cable price level take a leap to lower the inductance and add some extra benefits while we are at it.
  • Supra analogue and digital low level signal cables should at each price level display a further step to reduce capacitance. As for the above, we usually put in a few extra treats too.
  • Supra cables should for each price level take great concern about noise pick-up and radiation. Where the signal level is low and especially vulnerable to noise, we always shield our cables with highly efficient materials and methods, different for each price level but also for each type of noise.


Being Swedish is not ripping our customers off by referring to materials and manufacturing processes we have investigated not adding any or possibly too insignificant customer benefits. Instead we keep things simple, yet highly efficient, to keep cost down and therefore allow many more to enjoy the incredible impact of good cables connecting our customers fine-tuned hifi or multimedia equipment.

Being Swedish is unfortunately not to shout this out to our customers with flashy ads, aggressive sales methods and high price to draw attention or by any other method dress our products with an image we are not.

Being Swedish is simply letting our products speak for themselves and let others bear witness of their unparalleled qualities. Such as our customers and hifi press.

If you have become curious about who we are, we hope you continue to scroll here on our website and when convenient, visit your local hifi dealer to ask for a further presentation of Supra Cables.

The Supra Cables Team

Ljungskile, Sweden



Tommy Jenving

The Tommy Jenving Legacy

Prior to 1976 loudspeaker cables had no identity. They were simply cables. 2 x 0.5 mm2 was the most usual size, while for high specifications the only alternative was 2 x 0.75 mm2

In 1976, we launched our equivalent to today’s speaker cable Classic 2 x 2.5 mm2 and we shook the market foundation! After this, at the time groundbreaking, approach to incorporate cables as an equally important part of any hifi system, numerous cable brands now act on the market. But remember, Supra Cables was the original! The adjustable spanner, the propeller, the safety pin and Dynamite have also come from Sweden, so perhaps it is not so surprising we also make a contribution also in this field.

Tommy Jenving 1945-2011 
Tommy Jenving, founder and CEO of Supra Cables,passed away on November 10th 2011.


Since SUPRA 2.5 was introduced, other original ideas have come from SUPRA. The nylon screen, the Swift connector, the stretch-proof multicore cable and the Ply conductor concept, the Assurance of Cable Directionality, The Sword, The Cat 8 network cable are all examples of our forward thinking technology.

Tommy was an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur with a big heart and a sharp mind. He was not only a popular businessman with a high profile in the Hi-Fi/Hi End industry, but also a good husband, father and friend. Tommy always enjoyed making his own designs and figuring out technical problems and solutions. Many great ideas and innovations over the years have come from him. It was Tommy who set the outline of No-Nonsense Concept. 

Tommy founded SUPRA Cables that has been in production as high quality cables for now 40 years, effectively kicking off the global cable revolution in 1976. In competition with many far more expensive products and brands, SUPRA products have won an impressive number of awards around the world.

The Hi-Fi press often speak about SUPRA products in terms of "value-for-money" High-End products. Before his first product, SUPRA Classic 2.5 Speaker Cable, there were no dedicated 'speaker' cables, just cables. Since Supra Classic 2.5 was introduced, there have been many developments from SUPRA including; Nylon screen, Supra Banana, Supra Fork, Supra Swift XLR, Supra Ply, Supra EFF-I, Supra LoRad, proof of the directionality of cables, Supra Sword, a world record length of Supra HDMI cables, angled HDMI connectors, Supra HDMI extenders and much, much more. Tommy's most recent designs include Supra CAT 8 network cable, Supra Quadrax speaker cables, and Supra USB cables - are all in the industry vanguard.

Tommy Jenving's Lifetime Achievement for Hi-Fi and High-End
Tommy had with his expertise and commitment made his SUPRA Cables famous and he won many awards worldwide. In Sweden, Tommy received the award of "The Entrepreneur of the Year 2003". Then he received the "Arken Award 2008 for Lifetime Achievement" for his outstanding involvment in the Swedish Hi-Fi & Hi End industry for the past 30 years. And in 2009 Tommy was selected as "Sweden's Greatest Hi-Fi Personality" for his invaluable efforts in promoting Hi-Fi & Music. Tommy Jenving was the "father" of loudspeaker cables, a genius, a great inventor and innovator, a legend, and a giant in the Hi-fi & High-End industry. Tommy Jenving will forever be remembered throughout the world, and he will always live in our heart and minds.

Jenving Technology AB, SUPRA Cables and his business will continue in Tommy's spirit. We know Tommy wished his life's work to continue and to be developed further. We will ever strive to make him proud.

The Supra Cables Team

Ljungskile, Sweden