Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060012464
Article no: 1011000708
E-No: -
Qty/pack: 1

Supra VGA-11M Male Contact

Supra VGA-11M is a robust, RFI shielded DB-15 male contact with an all-metal housing and cover. The pins are 24K gold plated and are designed for frequent professional use without compromising performance. Allows for cables up to maximum Ø 11 mm. The side mounted cover is not required to pre-mount on cable. The contact is suitable to e.g. a VGA cable from computer to monitor.

One (1) piece per package.

Technical data

Contact standard DB15 VGA male connector  
Contact pins 24K gold plated copper  
Insulation PTFE (Teflon)  
Housing and cover Fully shielded all-metal housing with side mounted cover  
Fixing - apparatus  Spring loaded pins inside mating female contact  
Fixing - cable Solder  
Strain relief Cable clamp integrated in cover, screws into female mate  
Maximum cable size 11 mm
Dimensions (w x h x l) 31 x 44 x 15 mm