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USB Excalibur
Silver Edition - Our best USB Cable

We have for a couple of years been developing an ultimate USB Cable, the result was USB Excalibur. Our goal was simple, to make the world's best USB cable, with no compromises or shortcuts. Excalibur is a premium high speed cable with improved data and power transmission, a complement to the existing USB series. Both the data pair and the power pair are optimized for their purpose, transmit data and power.

The twisted data pair is made of PE isolated silver plated oxygen free copper wires. The silver layer is very thick, 3.8% of the total wire, for best conductivity and high velocity factor. Silver is great for high frequencies and high speed data transmission. 

The construction of the power conductors are totally different compared to the data pair. To avoid power losses and to maximize the wire area we used 4 tin plated wires in a star quad configuration. Star quad design and the separete screen reduces any RFI greatly .

You probably recognize the design of the plugs, the USB plugs are offspring’s of our popular HDMI plug. Fully shielded in Aluminium. The plugs are detachable to make it possible to route the cable in 16 millimeters conduits including the contact. No more on-site cut-offs and re-soldering, jeopardizing the typical Supra top notch performance.