Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060002199
Article no: 1001800224
E-No: 4866793
Qty/pack: 50

Supra Trico - Digital-/video-/antenna cable featuring real 75 Ohms impedance

Simply, our best digital cable with extraordinary bandwidth. Designed according to Supra signature feature of lowest possible capacitance, especially for transmission of binary code. The damping factor is only 0.6 dB per 100 meter cable length!  Thanks to its genuine 75 ohm impedance it is spot-on the specifications for the S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) standard. This is crucial for not adding jitter to the binary signal, which ruins the music signal quality. Impedance related jitter is one of the largest reasons why there is such a great variation of sound from digital cables and also why Supra Trico is so highly appreciated.

The di-electric (insulation) consist of a thick layer of PE foam (air-injected PE plastic foam) which provides for 58 pF/m capacitance, allowing the digital square wave to transmit the full signal without any deformation. The velocity factor is a staggering 0.78 x the light speed contributing to the binary square wave build-up with virtually no delay. These two properties combined provides for the binary code to arrive being easily interpreted, while some competitors distort the pulses making them much harder to distinguish as a distinct “1” or a “0”.

The center lead is silver plated oxygen-free copper and thanks to the silver's superior conductivity, Trico protects the ultra high frequencies from high impedance damping. Also the signal return lead, in the form of a braid shield, is silver plated. An additional outer shield of oxygen-free copper is topping Trico's high noise rejection and contributing to its top signal integrity.

Suitable usage areas; e.g. composite video, RGB-video (separate video channels), S/PDIF and as an antenna cable suitable for long cable runs such as distribution of central TV in apartment houses.


Features and benefits

  • Silver plated, OFC, 5N copper leads - exceptional high frequency conductivity
  • True 75 ohm - Matches the numerous 75 ohm transmissions standards without losses
  • PE foam insulation, extremely low capacitance - Virtually instant transient response
  • Exceptionally low damping factor - allows for long cable runs
  • Double shielded - Immune to surrounding noise fields that will harm signal quality
  • Our best hi-fi digital cable
  • Rock solid properties up to signal frequencies of 100 MHz - maintained timing and amplitude
  • Made in Sweden!

Mechanical data

Number of leads 3 (+, - and earth) pieces
Lead area 0.71 / 19 mm2 / AWG
Number of strands per lead 7 pieces
Strand diameter 0.36 mm
Lead material Silver plated, oxygen-free, 5N copper  
Di-electric (insulation) Air-injected PE foam  
Shield Return lead + additional outer shield; 90 % coverage
Jacket Heat and age resistant PVC  
Outer dimension 8.2 mm
Weight (without connectors) 105 g/m
Length 100 m/bobbin


Electrical properties

Resistance - Ω / km
Capacitance 58 pF / m
Dampening factor @ 1 MHz 0.6 dB / 100 meter
Dampening factor @ 100 MHz 7.1 dB / 100 meter
Characteristic impedance 75 Ω (±1,5 Ω @ 1 MHz-100 MHz)
Velocity factor 0.78 x C (speed of light)