Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060012181
Article no: 1011000294
E-No: -
Qty/pack: 1

Supra Swift XLR Male/Female Contact Set
Supra Patented XLR connector consists of 24K gold plated pins for maximum conductivity and fully shielded housing for max RFI immunity. Further it is easy to assemble, there are no screws that may get lost and there are no shells or housing parts that must be pre-mounted prior to fixing the cable.

This is a very sturdy contact, aimed for the professional audio industry such as in-studio and on-stage usage, but will of course perform exceptionally good in high-end home hifi equipment as well. It is the standard connector for our pre-mounted top-of-the-line interconnects, e.g. The Sword.

One (1) pair per package (Two pairs required to complete a pair of balanced interconnects).