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Halogen Free & Flame Retardant

Twin core and multi-pair Install Grade loudspeaker cables. This range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) speaker cable is perfect for installations in public buildings and other areas where LSZH materials are specified such as new-build housing and marine installations. Available in a variety of core sizes and from single pair to four pair options. The special FRHF PE jacket adds both ruggedness and flexibility. Approved for 100V systems.


  • Excellent flame-retardancy
  • Halogen-free
  • Low smoke generation
  • Low toxic gas emission
  • Low mechanical friction
  • Highly flexible
  • Double insulated for 100V systems

SkyFlex 1.6 FRHF
Wire 120x0.127 OFC
SkyFlex 2x1.6 FRHF BLACK B150
SkyFlex 2x1.6 FRHF BLACK B600
SkyFlex 4x1.6 FRHF BLACK B100
SkyFlex 4x1.6 FRHF BLACK B300

SkyFlex 2.5 FRHF
Wire 204x0.127 OFC
SkyFlex 2x2.5 FRHF BLACK B100
SkyFlex 2x2.5 FRHF BLACK B400
SkyFlex 4x2.5 FRHF BLACK B75
SkyFlex 4x2.5 FRHF BLACK B300

SkyFlex 4.0 FRHF
Wire 315x0.127 OFC
SkyFlex 2x4.0 FRHF BLACK B75
SkyFlex 2x4.0 FRHF BLACK B300
SkyFlex 4x4.0 FRHF BLACK B50
SkyFlex 4x4.0 FRHF BLACK B200

SkyFlex 6.0 FRHF
Wire 476x0.127 OFC
Non-stock products:
SkyFlex 2x6.0 FRHF BLACK B200
SkyFlex 4x6.0 FRHF BLACK B150