Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060205972
Article no: 1011001375
E-No: 5140188
Qty/pack: 50

Supra Cat 8 - RJ45 Connectors for maintained speed and accuracy

The Supra RJ45 connectors developed specifically for our Cat 8 ethernet cable is easy to assemble at home or on-site. It provides a strong cable clamping, allowing long service life also when frequently connected. Specially developed for maintaining the astonishing speed and accuracy in our proprietary Cat 8 ethernet cable. Mounted on all our Cat 8 patch cables.


Features and benefits

  • Easy mount - quick and simple to mount on-site
  • Exemplary performance - Keeps the Supra Cat 8 ethernet cable astonishing speed and accuracy
  • Heavy 24K gold plating - No corrosion and maintained conductivity also when frequently connected
  • Sturdy cable strain relief - Will not disrupt even when handled, e.g. adding cables to a switch under operation
  • Made in Sweden!

Mechanical Specifications

Standard Ethernet RJ45 Male Connector
Signal direction Bi-directional
Application examples  Ethernet 40GBASE-T cables, e.g. Supra Cat 8 Ethernet Cable


Cable design

Corrosion protection 24K gold plating
Cable strain relief Integrated in housing. Becomes effective when mounting cable
Cable bend protection Yes, integrated