Supra Ply Wide 2 x 3.4 mm2 CombiCon - Ultra Low Inductance

CombiCon CrimpSupra Ply is a long life multi-award winner and one-of-a-kind quality cable from Supra Cables. Ply Wide is an evolution of the Ply concept. The tin plated conducter is rolled flat under high pressure in two steps. The advantage is much lower losses, exceptionally fast transient response, hence the transparent and dynamic sound. Pre-terminated with our finest connectors Supra CombiCon, allowing you to choose between banana/BFA or fork over and over again as your need changes.

Supra Ply Wide features and benefits
  • Ultra low inductance - Good dynamics, crystal clear highs and sound stage presence.
  • Easy to shift connector - No special tools needed, just a small spanner and a couple of minutes
  • Easy to connect - The included banana/BFA and a two size in one fork, covers the vast majority.
  • Tin plated - Anti-corrosive and counteracts disruptive and phase shifting electron jumps between strands
  • Long life - thanks to the material choice the life spann is very high in addition to sonic advantages
  • Made in Ljungskile, Sweden!
Supra Ply Wide Concept - ’An elevated scientific design’

Product of the yearThe rectangular shaped design as a result of two-step mangled braid cores, laid out closely to each other, reveals the potential of dynamics and transients of your Hi-Fi system. Further, it reduces interference and interaction distortion.

When mangling the braid to very thin conductor layers, extruding a thin layer of insulation and then putting them together with the flat sides facing eachother, the capacitance will increase significantly. An in-depth analysis require some mathematics exercise, so we leave the physical theory here and simply state that two conductors with different polarity laid out with a large mangled side area facing each other, will feel their individual charge, thus acting as a capacitor. If we just stopped there, we would not gain anything, but the real finesse it that the capacitance will raise at the expense of inductance! And, the capacitance is sonically less significant in the speaker circuitry. Further Supra Ply Wide offers the tin plated strands that reduce the disruptive electron jumps between lead strands resulting in a signal time shift, a very unwanted distortion when the original holographic 3D sound stage is desired.

Once again, Supra Cables design a "simple" yet ingenious cable that because of its physical properties counteracts malignant sonical behaviour, is cost efficient to produce, thus affordable to the customer and allowing for a better sonical experience.

Supra Ply Wide is available in blister packs, on bobbin or CombiCon pre-terminated lengths, all with the basic Ply sonic concept taken one step further.

Product of the year
Fig.1 std Ply losses 

Product of the year
Fig.2 Generic losses

The Difference that makes the Difference - for You
Unlike many of todays audio cables, the standard Ply benefits are proven by repeated measurements and tests nearly all over the world.

The figures 1 and 2 shows our standard Ply and a generic cable with a wide space between the conductors, a quite common "high-end" design today. We fed both cables with the most challanging signal there is, square wave, representing very high frequencies. Every drum beat, piano fingering, classical music, acoustic jazz, etc, is full of ultra fast transients, best represented by the square wave. The result speaks for itself. While standard Ply only show a minor loss, the generic cable dampens the highs up to 20 kHz by a staggering 10 dB! It is a major treble roll-off, clearly audible and will undoubtedly drive the listener to compensate using the tone controls and by doing so further deteriorate sound quality by adding tone control phase shift. The Supra Ply Wide will provide an even larger incentive!

Before purchasing any cable, visit your local Supra dealer and discuss your level of equipment, borrow a couple of speaker cables sets to make a good listening comparison. Anyone searching for that particular live feeling, when music displays the typical dynamic drive, 3D soundstage, clean crisp highs and clean dynamic bass, in fact almost feeling like the beat is imaginary slightly faster, will probably end up with a set of Supra Cables. It is such great fun when music comes to life and your feet will not stop stomping the beat!

Technical Info

Mechanical Specifications

Crossection area 3.4 / 12 (mm2/AWG)
Number of conductors 2 pieces
Number of strands per conductor 192 pieces
Strand diameter 0.15 mm
Conductor material Tin plated oxygenfri 5N Copper  
Insulation and jacket Heat and age resistant PVC  
External size 9.6 x 5.3 mm


Banana/BFA Included
Fork/spade Included
Cable connection High pressure air tight crimp

Electrical performance

Resistance 5.1 ohm / km
Inductance 0.15 µH / m