Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060030215
Article no: 1086000245
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Qty/pack: 1

Supra Nylon Braid

Supra manufactures cables with a minimal foot print, yet most often distinctively colored Ice-blue. In some cases we have offered some other colors as e.g. white and anthracite grey. Some of us hifi enthusiasts likes a personal touch and we have also a lot of D I Y customers who make their own e.g. bi-wire cables. Whatever reason you have for adding a braid cover to your precious Supra cable, we offer a black nylon braid in two dimensions and a single white.

How to

The braid widens when pressed longitudinally. Gather the number of cables you wish to cover, add some tape to keep the cable ends together, and press the cables step-by-step into the braid. Do not cut the braid until the cables are correctly in position, because the braid length is very dependent on the width. It is far better to cut the braid with the cables inside and after stretching the braid. Remember to stretch out the braid, to achieve the desired tight fit of the braid. Note that a very tight fit also reduces cable flexibility.

Finish the ends with a heat shrink tube and add/mount the connectors suitable to the purpose of the cable

Nylon Braid Kits or bulk on bobbin?

The Nylon Braids are available in kits with suitable heat shrink tubes or as bulk on bobbin for use perhaps at the Supra dealer.


Kit measures

  • 5 meter per package
  • 20 cm matching heat shrink tube
  • Ø 8 mm inside, 9 mm outside
  • Covers Ø 5 - 8 mm