Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060012426
Article no: 1011000583
E-No: -
Qty/pack: 1

Supra Mp-8 Stereo Mini Plug 3.5 mm

24K gold plated for best connection and is of a rugged design to provide long life and to host large cable diameter up to maximum 8.5 mm.

Suitable for connecting earplug outlets to e.g. in-car sound eqqiupment among many other areas.

2 pieces per package.


Technical data

Contact standard 3.5 mm mini plug, standard earphone   
Contact surface 24K gold plated copper  
Insulation petween poles Noryl  
Housing envelope Aluminum shielding sleeve, pre-mount   
Fixing - apparatus Locking inside device jack with contact spring force  
Fixing - cable Soldering  
Strain relief Mechanical clamp  
Maximum cable size (Ø) 8.5 mm
Dimensions (Ø x length) 13 x 52 mm