Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060207273
Article no: 1001800588
E-No: 4800043
Qty/pack: 400

Supra MB-serien - A durable, strong, flame resistant professional installation cable

The conductors of multi-strand tinplated 5N purity copper, together with the PE di-electric (insulation) provides for a low capacitance professional installation cable with very good electrical properties. The Supra professional series of cables have been recognized as trustworthy partners on-stage and in studios for a long period of time.


MB-01/slim - a slim shielded two pole cable for installation, studio, pro market, suitable for balanced operation

A single channel analogue installation cable aimed for longer analogue transmissions in e.g. studios. Very good electrical and mechanical properties for a long service life. Available on a 400 meter bobbin, or custom built in specified lengths with any of our suitable connectors. It can be used both as single-end as well as balanced, we recommend balanced operation at longer lengths (> 5 meters).

Further its slim appearence makes it very easy to install in conduits and handle in general. It displays excellent flame retardant properties and fullfills the tough new EU demands for use in public places.


Supra Cables Flame Retardant for public and official premises

Jenving Technology is considered as a trustworthy and responsible partner for installations in public and official premises. We meet the latest regulation of flame retardancy and toxic emissions.



CPS; Construction Products Regulation; EN 50399:2011 and EN 60322-1-2:2004/A1:2015/A11:2016

CE marking; EN 50399 and EN60322



Fire behavior: DCA

Smoke protection: s1

Flaming droplets: d1

Reaction to fire classification: Dca-s1, d1




Mechanical design

Standard Microphone and/or line pro-applications  
Leads 2 signal + 1 drain pieces
Number of strands / lead 19 pieces
Strand dimension Ø 0,127 mm
Lead area 0,24 / 23 mm2 / AWG
Lead material Tin Plated OFC  
Inner dielectric (insulation) PE  
Shield Semi-Conductive Nylon  
Additional tensile reinforcement Screen  
Jacket Flame Retardant, Halogen-free1)  
Color Anthrasite grey  
Outer dimension Ø 3,15 mm
Weight 15 g / m
Length / bobbin 400 meters


Electrical properties

Resistance 72 ohm / km
Capacitance TBA pF / m


1) Flame retardency regulation

Single cable flame rating IEC 60332-1-2
Bundle cable flame rating EN50339 DC (20,5 kW source)
Smoke production EN50339 S1
Flaming droplets/particles EN50399 D1