Brand: LORAD
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SWF-10/S - Slim Female Cable Connector 

Slim version. Maximal 10 ampere current. Conforms to the international standard IEC-320. 24K Gold plated contacts with long service life. Accepts cable sizes up to Ø 11 mm and cable lead area up to 2.5 mm2. Fits Supra MCH-10 male chassis connector.


Supra LoRad SWF Series - International Female Patented Mains Sockets 

Supra SWF is a series of female cable mounted mains sockets for 110 up to maximal 250 volt, safety approved Hospital Grade and Audio Grade. The two available sockets are designed according to the international standard IEC-320 and viable around the world. One is for maximum 10 ampere and the slightly larger is 16 ampere. All Supra Lorad mains block from MD-08 and up offer the corresponding 16 ampere male chassis connector, MCH-16, hence the LoRad cable must provide the 16 ampere SWF female connector. They accept large cable diameters for the conveniance of a number of cable brands and are of course proven to be the best connector for our Supra LoRad mains flex range. The SWF sockets are really easy and fast to assemble, there are no screws or other fasteners that become loose and nothing that must be remembered to slip on to the cable before mounting the connectors. Cable strain relief integrated in the contact housing. In fact, quite ingenious!

IEC-320 is an international standard for electrical devices with detachable power cords. It will mate the European, British and US Standards.

Design and holder of patent is Tommy Jenving, our company founder.

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​How to assemble a LoRad cord set with basic tools.

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