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Supra LoRad MD06-AUS/SP Switch mkIII

Supra mains distribution block consisting of Australian sockets conforming to Australien Standards (refer to technical information1) for complete list of countries using this standard. Source: Travel Forum - Swedens largest travel forum). Input connector is a 10 ampere male chassis connector according to the international standard IEC-320, i.e. the same for most electrical multimedia devices with detachable power cord including ground lead. It provides a 10 ampere fuse and a non-intrusive filtering (NIF).

Requires an optional input mains flex which can be pre-connected by duly qualified person. It requires a Supra 3 x 1.5 mm2 or 3 x 2.5 mm2 Lorad mkII cable available in custom lengths and Supra SWF-10s connector. Finally, the required male contact of good quality should be purchased from local vendor who is specialized in mains power electrical supply. Note - Make sure the connector provides ground contacts and that the wall socket is also grounded to earth potential. If desired all detachable cables from the devices in the hifi or multimedia equipment should be replaced with Supra Lorad MkII cables accordingly in order to achieve maximum noise rejection and lowest possible noise floor.

All mains distribution blocks designated "Switch" incorporate a high in-rush two pole switch designed to power up and break high loads.

Caution! Always consult user's manual, brand or retail representative to make sure that connected devices will support mains power disconnection by external mains switch. Power up and down e.g. large power amps/integrates are usually microprocessor controlled soft operation and should not be subject to frequent mains power disruptions due to serious consequential power swings and surges in the large power supplies. Our recommendation is to always power down each device to stand-by before cutting the mains.

Contact your local Supra dealer for further assistance.


SUPRA NIF Transient Filter

All models are equipped with Supra NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering), an efficient high frequency (RFI) transient filter. It is designed and configured to efficiently suppress RFI interference, but not to dampen large current demands from the connected devices power supplies. Supra NIF is developed by Ben Duncan Research in England.

An often claimed result from mains filter is that it somehow attenuate the musical dynamics. The Supra NIF filter does not and cannot technically in any way affect the mains power 50 or 60 Hz sine wave. The filter tuning addresses distortion far from the mains power frequency. The distortion filtered by Supra NIF does only deteriorate the sound quality and if there is a substantial difference before and after it only proves that the mains needed filtering. Any feeling that there is less dynamics after the filter is connected, is purely the sense of unfamiliarity to a sound with less distortion. The sound will in most cases show less high note levels and sibilance. The often much calmer sound is what may be perceived as less dynamics, but is on the contrary MORE dynamics when the noise is gone. The new sound is simply higher fidelity. If you like it or not, now, that is up to you. Try it!


3-Way Surge Protection

The optional SP-models are all equipped with the Supra Surge Protection which protects all three ways; i.e. Live to Earth, Neutral to Earth and Live to Neutral. The standard surge protection manufacturer think that it is sufficient to offer only Live to Neutral protection, and they do not protect against field surges by proximate lightning strikes. The only better way to protect your equipment compared to Supra SP is to disconnect all mains power, interconnects and communications with adjacent devices completely. Unfortunatly the thunder storms does not follow a schedule, next time you may be at work...

The SP protection requires a mains wall socket with a ground terminal to operate at its best, but does protect live and neutral surges also without the protective earth. If your multimedia- and hifi equipment is of a certain standard, they are probably designed for ground connection and use a IEC-320 chassis socket for detachable mains power cords. If your equipment is such and you do not have ground terminal in your mains wall sockets, we recommend you to contact your landlord and/or an electrician to arrange for ground connection. Doing so, will undoubtedly both increase the audio and video performance, as well as the security for your equipment. A big bonus is personal safety and reduced fire hazard.


Supra LoRad shielded Mains Blocks in aluminium housing

The Supra mains blocks are shielded and radiate only low levels of alternating fields thanks to their aluminium chassis connected to ground potential/protective earth. The conductive chassis drains the internal interference down to ground and prevents also adjacent RFI and other malicious fields to enter the distribution block. It has to be connected to a grounded wall socket with a mains cable providing ground lead, in order to work properly. The mains cable connecting the mains block to the wall socket and the mains cables to each device should for maximum interference dampening/immunity also be shielded. We recommend our Supra LoRad Mains Flex as the best alternative to combine with our distribution block, as they show a typical filter effect between 6 - 12 dB per 1½ meter length. If you are new to the field of mains power shielding and filtering, you will undoubtedly notice the difference.

The field leakage from the standard included mains flex to the vast majority of multimedia devices is clearly detectable with our Supra AC Detector;  Just touch the included mains power cable with the AC Detector white tip and you will hear a warning and see the tip rapidly flicker in red to indicate radiating fields from mains power. Now change to a Supra LoRad mains flex and touch the cable with the tip ... This field is contagious and will add superimposed noise to any nearby interconnects. Think about what such a mains flex can do to a sub-woofer interconnect; the sub-woofer will play a constant tone of the mains power frequency superimposed on the music or movie signal. Efficient shields are one of Supra's most important design features, you've earned the right to listen to the music only!



Every now and then we hear about creative alternative ways to arrange an earth connection if the wall socket does not provide one. There is especially one we would like to highlight as particularly hazardous and we hope this statement does not serve as yet another creative way. Occasionally the water heat radiators have been connected to the hi-fi gear cabinets or to a mains distribution block earth contact plate. This works normally from the electrical point of view. Until the following happens; one of the devices become faulty and the cabinet becomes energized with wall socket mains voltage. The water radiator system may not be properly grounded to earth potential. Now, this means that there might not be a large enough fault current through the water pipes to blow the fuse, thus disconnecting the fualty device. Further it means that most of the pipings and radiators are energized with wall socket mains voltage. If this is in an apartment house, every neighbour tenant has potentially lethal voltage in their radiators. It will not show. Until e.g. small children touches the radiator. We strongly discourages from the above or any other way to arrange a ground connection other than according to the local laws and regulations for electrical safety.


Features and benefits

  • LoRad stands for low radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields, keeping you and your family free from harmful influence
  • The screen protects your equipment from radiated mains, RF pick-up and allows you to enjoy your hi-fi set or TV's full potential
  • LoRad result in a cleaner sound, better picture and a more healthy home and working invironment with low levels of harmful fields
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Made in Sweden!

Technical data

Standard Australian Standards1)  
Chassis Aluminum - shielded to protective earth  
Maximal current 10 Ampere
Nominal (maximal) voltage 230 (250) Volt
Maximal power load 2.3 kW
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
RFI attenuation up to 40 dB
Surge protection

Uc = 2,5 (L to N); 4,0 (L or N to PE)

Up = 2,0 (L to N); 2,05 (L or N to PE)

Mains inlet socket International standard IEC-320 for 10 ampere  
Internal cable area 2.5 mm2
Outlet sockets 6 (1 unfiltered, 5 NIF-filtered) pieces
Fuse 10 (slow burn) Ampere
Switch / poles / current Yes / two-pole / 16 Ampere
Dimensions 53 x 89 x 379 mm
Accessories included Brackets for wall mount and rubber feet as floor stands  


1) Countries using the Australien Standards

Amerikanska Samoa, Argentina, Australien, Cooköarna, Fiji, Guatemala, Julön, Kina, Kiribati, Kokosöarna, Nauru, Niue, Nya Zeeland, Papua, Nya Guinea, Saint Vincent, Grenadinerna, Samoa, Tadzjikistan, Tokelau, Tonga, Uruguay,Uzbekistan and Vanuatu.