LINC 2X2.5 BLUE B100

Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060000140
Article no: 1000000180
E-No: 4866583
Qty/pack: 100

Supra Linc 2 x 2,5 mm2 - Shielded speaker cable
Typical applications: Intermediate length in high powered Hi-Fi system. Available on 100 meters bobbin.

Supra Linc Series
Supra Linc is an evolution of the Supra round two part cable Rondo and the already low level of magnetic fields, thanks to the short pitch twinning. Supra Linc have been supplemented with a shield blocking the electrical fields, especially the pick-up of malignant RFI (radio frequency interference, whether it is analogue or digital). Its low inductance properties allows for transient transparency. Linc is short for Low Interaction Concept, is flexible to install making it suitable for e.g. permanent in-wall installations in conduits.

Supra Shielded Speaker Cables
Supra shielded cables both radiate and pick-up less noise compared to non-shielded. When installation environment gain from maximal noise immunity, Supra shielded speaker cables is the perfect choice.

The result is immediately lowered noise floor and increased dynamics of the Hi-Fi system. Especially the so called micro dynamics; tiny, tiny notes, phrasing, the small differences how hard the drum is hit, in fact all the small descrepancies making the music come alive and not sounding artificial will appear and suddenly stand out from a pitch black background, free from noise, a truly remarkable discovery for most music lovers.

The modern multimedia system is a potential hotbed for noise pick-up and signal degradation, without attention, the most prestigious Hi-Fi system will not even come close to its peak performance. It is as simple as that.

Secondly, we must consider how magnetic fields, alternating electrical fields, electromagnetic (radio-) waves, etc, affect us human beings. Whenever possible, we at SUPRA think it is worthwhile to consider lowest possible levels of fields and radiations surrounding us. SUPRA shielded cables radiate less malignant fields affecting us.