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HDMI v2.0 UHD4K HD5 cable (9.5mm)

HDMI High Speed with Ethernet Cable
HDMI cables 6m to 30m is assembled with HD5 cable. Approved for HDMI 2.0 4K up to 15m

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From the start and on, we have delivered trustworthy HDMI cables, hence our reputation on the installation market, where we supply large quantities to hotels, conference facilities and similar, and where no one overlooks sub-standard performance. Nine years of continuous product development has resulted in the Supra HD5 HDMI Met-S/B, which (according to us) is the best passive HDMI cable there is, offering HDMI High Speed with Ethernet & 4K resolution. We guarantee that our HD5 cable handles HDMI 1080P signals up to 32 meters - passively! We think we are alone to offer this.


High Speed HDMI with Ethernet transmission

SUPRA launched its first HDMI cable in 2004. Already from the very beginning, the HDMI standard and its contact gave most manufacturers a hard time to achieve perfect performance. Yet many cables were launched claiming fluent transmission, a fact many customers soon found reason to doubt. When we at Supra started our development, we knew how challanging this would become and left nothing to chance.

We know also the burden of proof, why we test and approve in compliance with the latest test provisions by HDMI´s Accredited Testing Center in the USA - a quality assurance treat to our customers. The bandwidth of the HD5 is 1100MHz, above three (< 3) times the specification of HDMI High Speed (340MHz). There are some interesting esoteric cables out there claiming to do the job but only a few are actually up for it. Supra High Speed HDMI is one.

With the addition of our smart contact Supra Met-B/S, the cable is now possible to route in 20 millimeters conduits including the contact. No more on-site cut-offs and re-soldering, jeopardizing the typical Supra top notch performance.


The Trick

How you get a bent and too big connector through a small conduit pipe (minimal Ø 20mm for conduit pipe and 25mm for conduit tube).

1. Can you pull this connector through a conduit pipe

2a. All parts are easily detachable.
2b. These are the parts of the dis-assembled connector.
2c. The soldered part is overmoulded for protection.

3. Nylon braid is used as an aid to pull the cable through the conduit. Fasten the braid to the pulling tool with a knot.

4. Picture showing how much space there is left in a 20mm pipe.

5. As you can see, despite the sharply bent pipe, the cable got through, effortlessly.

6. Assembled cable and connector ready for use.

SUPRA HDMI Features & benefits

  • Transmits today’s challenging formats flawlessly
  • Future proof - Meets today’s HDMI standard and known requirements of tomorrow
  • Sturdy design - Withstand the normal installation abuse
  • up to 23AWG leads - For minimum losses
  • Triple screen technology - Provides for long distance clearance hence freedom of installation with maintained signal integrity
  • Made in Sweden, three step quality plan - Unsurpassed quality and reliability

High resolution picture and sound 

We often meet scepticism when we talk about HDMI cables. ”Does it really matter?” ”I mean, it’s only a data stream? Yes, it is a stream of digital bits. Yes, it does matter. Unfortunately there is an intermediate state before the signal is so corrupt it cannot be read and blanks out. Many claim that if the screen shows, the signal is good enough. There is circuitry in the receiver which tries to repair broken data stream by buffering and error correction, but this is based on best possible estimates and is not necessarily what was sent. You might experience sync problems (delays), distorted colorations, insufficient blackness, noise and unexplainable audible pops during which the hardware is working overtime trying to repair the fragile bitstream. Do your precious hardware the best possible favour you can by connecting it using SUPRA HDMI cables and both you and your equipment will fully enjoy the show.

SUPRA High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable (v2.0) in short:

  • Signal Bandwidth: 1100 MHz
  • TMDS Bandwidth: 18 Gbit/s
  • Color Depth: 48 bit (16 bit per color channel)
  • Maximal resolution and corresponding cable length: 4096x2160@60Hz w/ HDR: up to 8 meter, 4096x2160@60Hz: up to 10 meter, 4096x2160@24/30Hz: up to 20 meter, 1080p@24/30Hz: up to 30 meter.
  • Deep Color, x.v.Color
  • Auto Lip Sync
  • Dolby TrueHD, DT-HD Master Audio
  • 3D over HDMI
  • Audio Return Channel
  • Ethernet Channel


HDMI Features support  UHD8  HD5 HD5 HD5 
Length: 1-5m  6-10m 12-15m  20-30m
yCbCr or YpbPr @4:2:2/4:4:4 YES YES YES YES
blu-ray disc and audio full resolution YES YES YES YES
Deep color YES YES YES YES
Auto lip-sync YES YES YES YES
Dolby True HD capable YES YES YES YES
DTS-HD Master Audio cable YES YES YES YES
Updated listing of CEC commands YES YES YES YES
Ethernet channel (HEC) YES YES YES YES
Audio return channel (ARC) YES YES YES YES
Enhanced Audio return channel (eARC) YES NO NO NO
1920 x 1080p @ 30 Hz YES YES YES YES
1920 x 1080p @ 60 Hz YES YES YES NO
3840 x 2160 @ 24/25/30 Hz YES YES YES NO
4096 x 2160 @ 24 Hz YES YES YES NO
4k @ 30 Hz  YES YES YES NO
4k @ 60 Hz  YES YES NO  NO
4k 4:2:0 YES YES NO  NO
4k 4:4:4 YES up to 6m NO  NO
8K 4:2:0 YES NO NO NO
Bandwidth: 48 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s

Mechanical Specifications

Standard HDMI 2.0, High speed with Ethernet  
Connection configuration Single-Link  
Connectors HDMI-HDMI Met-S  
Signal direction Bi-directional  
Included HDMI connectors 2 x Supra Met-S (straight)  
Additional connectors Supra Met-B (bent housing sold separately)  
Applications e.g. Bluray/Projector/TV/DVD/TV-decoders  
Max resolution per cable length interval in passive appliances

4096x2160@60Hz w/ HDR: up to 10 meter
4096x2160@60Hz: up to 12 meter
4096x2160@24/30Hz: up to 20 meter
1080p@24/30Hz: up to 30 meter

Solder tin Almit SR-34 Super  
Cable clamping Molded connector body fitted in aluminium housing  
Cable Supra HD5/S or HD5  
Lead area, 5 - 30m 5xTMDS 0.26 / 23 (HD5) mm2 / AWG
Lead material Solid strand oxygen-free copper  
Di-electric (insulation) Air-injected PE foam for minimal capacitance  
Inner shield / coverage: Aluminized PET foil / 100 %
Communication leads (HD5) 5 x 0.129 / 26 (di-electric:PE) mm2 / AWG
Outer shield / coverage: Aluminized PET foil and braid / 100 %
Jacket Heat an age resistant PVC  
Flame retardancy: No, see FRHF Version  
Cable outer dimension (HD5) 9.5 mm

Electrical performance - Supra HD5

Resistance 82 Ohm / km
Capacitance 42 pF / m
Characteristic impedance  100 Ohm
Velocity factor 0.8 x C (speed of light)