Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060202827
Article no: 1011001284
E-No: 6243249
Qty/pack: 1

Supra SA90+
90° angled HDMI adapter developed for e.g. wall mounted TV-set where there is limited space and risc for cable damage.


Features and benefits

  • 90° angled - freedom of installation
  • Shallow depth - allows for TV mount close to wall
  • 24K gold plating and 100% shielded - makes up for maximal signal integrity
  • Support HDMI High Speed and Ethernet (2.0) - provides for latest transmission technology and functions

Number per pack 1 pc
Directionality HDMI Female ► HDMI Male   
HDMI-standard 2.0 (incl. ethernet)  
Conductor 24K gold plated copper  
Insulation PVC, 100% skärmning  
Kontaktfixering Spring supported clamping  
Size L x W x H: -  
Color Anthracite grey