FS Scart Cable
FS stands for Full connected Scart cable. FS is a high performance Scart cable specially developed for Home Theatre. Connectors Scart with fully screened housing. An interconnect of low capacitance. Supra FS inner cores are all insulated with PE and PE foam which make the capacitance low and the propagation velocity high. 

Our most sold Scart interconnect. FS is an interconnects with Supra Scart plugs.

Application examples: DVD/Decoder to LCD/Plasma. The FS is fully connected, support best RGB transmission.

The advantage with Supra FS are:

  • All video cores are of 75 Ohm Coax type, induvidually screened.
  • The Audio wires are separately screened to avoid electrical pickup.
  • All conductors are insulated with PE, which makes low capacitance.
  • A common Aluminium/Polyester screen, providing efficient protection from hum and noise.




Technical Info