Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060202209
Article no: 1011001110
E-No: 6243095
Qty/pack: 50

Supra F-Connector - Male in bulkpack

Supra F-connector (also denominated BNF in some areas) is available for connecting aerial cables to Supra GS Ground Separator. Supra F-connector is very robust, easy to connect and the 24K gold plated copper will vouch for superior electrical properties. One of the F-connector really great advantage is an almost 100% noise free electrical joint. It is sometimes also used to connect computer gateways, using coaxial cable on the WAN side, thanks to its excellent conductivity, noise rejection and high bandwidth.

50 pieces per bulkpack.


How to

Peel off and remove the aerial cable jacket about 1,5 cm without damaging the shield. Gently pull the shield back over the jacket edge, while slightly twisting clockwise as seen from the cable end. Now, peel off appr. 5-6 mm of the inner insulation between the center lead and shield. Enter the F-connector narrow end on to the cable and gently turn clockwise until you note it will not enter any further, applying only manual force. The thread will partially cut into the shield strands, making a very solid electrical connection as well as a strong strain relief. Cut possible unwanted braid sticking out. For the extra fit and finish, you may use heat shrink tube to cover the cable to F-connector joint. The inner lead will approximately be flush to the f-connector locking nut outer rim. Do not bend the inner lead. Now, connect by hand to the desired female chassis connector and when you cannot turn the nut anymore, you just gently apply some extra momentum by a small spanner. Done!

Mechanical data

Connection type Aerial, video or computer network  
Connector material Cable center lead and 24K gold plated BNF copper  
Insulation Coaxial cable insulation  
Jacket BNF housing jacket in 24K goldplated copper  
Apparatus fixing Threaded locking nut  
Cable connection Screws in the threaded BNF contact rear end  
Cable strain relief Locked by BNF rear end thread  
Recommended cable diameter   6 mm (+ - 0.2) mm
Dimensions (Ø x length) 12.3 x 19 (BNF wrench size: 11) mm