Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060002250
Article no: 1001800364
E-No: 4866932
Qty/pack: 100

Supra Dual - Our most cost effective, yet rewarded analogue interconnect featuring Supra's signature design principles
An entry level two channel (stereo) interconnect cable for balanced or single-end applications, still providing the Supra signature properties of lower capacitance, efficient shielding, timing and transient response. In spite of its highly favourable price tag, it has earned rewards for the good musical properties and is the given choice for replacing the attached interconnects following entry level hi-fi equipment. It will result in a significant sound improvement clearly audible by anyone.

Application examples are interconnection of analogue devices, either by RCA or balanced XLR connectors, e.g. between CD, pre-amp and power amplifier. Suitable connectors are Supra RCA-6, RCA-CS and Swift XLR.

Mechanical data

Number of leads, totally (specified) 6 (+, - and drain x 2 channels) pieces
Lead area 0.24 mm2
Number of strands per lead 19 pieces
Strand dimension Ø 0.127 mm
Lead material Tin plated, oxygen-free, 5N copper  
Di-electric (insulation) PE  
Shield 2 (Individual aluminized PET foil per each channel ) pieces
Jacket Age and heat resistant PVC  
Outer dimension 2 x Ø 5.5 mm
Weight 70 g/m
Cable length per bobbin 100 m


Electrical properties

Resistance 72 Ω / km
Capacitance 52 pF / m
Characteristic impedance n/a
Velocity factor 0.66 x C (speed of light)