Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060206184
Article no: 9001800029
E-No: -
Qty/pack: 250

Supra CUEFLEX DMX-1PR - Control Cable

The Supra DMX512 has provided for this cable design suitable for stage lights control, CAN Bus and digital AES/EBU (EAS3). Its characteristics are very low capacitance, true 110 ohm, double shielded, yet flexible. The applications examples are numerous, but is generally aimed for pro-stage and studios.


Features and benefits

  • True 110 ohm - Stable operation and low jitter in 110 ohm standard applications
  • Versatile - Suitable for numerous applications.
  • Double shielded - Strong noise rejection, yet flexible
  • PE foam dielectric - low capacitance allowing very fast transient response and high transfer speeds
  • Made in Sweden!

Mechanical design

Standard Pro-stage and studio applications  
Leads 2 signal + 1 drain + 2 shield pieces
Number of strands / lead 19 pieces
Strand dimension Ø 0.127 mm
Lead area 0.24 / 23 mm2 / AWG
Lead material Tin plated 5N purity copper  
Inner dielectric (insulation) Air injected low capacitance PE  
Shields Efficient aluminized PET foil and braid  
Jacket Heat and age resistant PVC  
Color Anthrasite grey  
Outer dimension Ø 6.5 mm
Weight 56 g / mm
Length / bobbin 250 meters


Electrical properties

Resistance 72 Ohm / km
Capacitance 32 pF / m
Characteristic impedance 110 Ohm
Velocity factor 0.78 x C (speed of light)