Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060203831
Article no: 1071000051
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Supra CombiCon Crimp Pliers

This accessory is primarily intended for dealers and distributors for repairing pre-mounted speaker cables.

Here it is also important to inform that repairing our most advanced Sword speaker cable, but also the XL Annorum and to a certain degree also the Quadrax, is something we do not recommend anyone besides our trained personell at Jenving Technology or persons that have acuired sufficient skills as e.g. electricians. The Sword, XL Annorum and Quadrax (to a certain degree) cable strands are routed in a way that even one single strand that is broken will put the entire cable geometry aside and the cable will not sound as intended. Unless proper training and skills are achieved, we at Jenving hereby advise that any damaged Sword speaker cable is sent in to us for repair.

Our warranty does not cover any mounting of CombiCon besides with our crimp pliers. These have been tested and validated that correct crimp pressure is applied and the crimp will become a fully functional airtight joint. Further every strand of the Supra Sword is individually coated and must be cleaned from this coating prior to crimping a new CombiCon. Insufficient cleaning will give the same result as a broken strand.

Our Crimp Pliers crimps the CombiCon socket to correct pressure and will not release until sufficient pressure is applied. It is easy to use and offers gearing for less crimping effort.