Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060203749
Article no: 1010000436
E-No: 6243285
Qty/pack: 50

SUPRA CombiCon Crimp Body M6 - CB-02 for 2.5 mm2 cable crossection

  • 24K gold plated solid Copper with M6 thread
  • The crimp bodies is designed for crimping with SUPRA crimping pliers1) only!
  • 50 pieces per bulk package
CombiCon Crimp

The CombiCon Crimp Bodies M6

This crimp connector comprises three parts: a 24K goldplated Copper connector crimp body with a M6 thread, a contact part which kan be either a BFA/Banana or a Fork and finally a sleeve to finish up the perfect joint. The crimp body is as said, crimped on to the cable strands, a very delicate junction between cable and contact1). The M6 threaded crimp body are available for the cable sizes 1.5, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 6.0 mm2.

The CombiCon Contact Parts M6

The 24K gold plated BFA/Banana pin is re-engineered, reinforced and now equipped with a key grip suitable for a small spanner or a 5 mm fixed wrench and M6 thread. The banana pin fits into CombiCon Body M6 and CombiCon Crimp Body M6.

The 24K goldplated Fork (spade) features a two-step inner width to facilitate connection to the vast majority of speaker terminals and the design is reinforced compared to the previous version. The Spade fits into CombiCon Body M6 and CombiCon Crimp Body M6. The Spade is angled for easier mounting in tight spaces.

The CombiCon Sleeves

There are sleeves in heat and heat resistant PVC to finish up the joint between cable and Body. They are available in several sizes for each Supra cable size. The sleeve printing in red or black Supra logotype, establishes the final contact polarity. N.B. Make sure not to mix the polarity, due to phase error in the sound reproduction.


  1. Making a electrically and sonically benign connection, using the crimp bodies, requires certain basic knowledge as e.g. electricians possess, as well as some of our retailers. We do not recommend to try this connection without being absolute certain, how a correct electrical joint is performed. Neither do we recommend any attempts to connect with other tools than the Supra CombiCon Pliers, even if proper skill requirements is met. Warning! Negligance to follow the above recommendation may in its mildest form cause substandard sound quality, but also include the risc of damaging your amplifier and in worst case the cable may start a fire due to insufficient joint conductivity, resulting in excessive heat development.

Mechanical Specifications

Quantity per bulk package 50 pieces
Connector body Crimp Body M6  
Material 24K gold plated Copper  
Contact part fixing M6 thread mm
Cable fixing High pressure airtight crimp  
Maximum cable crossection area 2.5 / 13 mm/ AWG
Maximum cable diameter 2.3 mm
External size (Ø x l) 8 x 19 mm
Colour Identification: n/a