Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060203725
Article no: 1010000485
E-No: 6243282
Qty/pack: 50
CombiCon Crimp

Supra CombiCon Connector Body M6 - Red for the neutral polarity identification

  • 24K gold plated loudspeaker connector body for cables up to 6 mm2
  • The cable can be attached straight or at a 90° angle
  • Features an inner M6 thread that allows for switching between the joint contact parts BFA/Banana and Fork in a blink of an eye.
  • A lavish appearence will add attention to your hifi equipment

50 pieces Connector Body per package



Supra CombiCon Series - A versatile, robust series of contacts

The Supra CombiCon allows for changing contacts from BFA/banana to Fork in a blink of an eye. And back again for that matter, providing for exceptional freedom and flexibility for any future desires. Electrically, the Supra CombiCon matches any of our cables and the design specification was clear-cut, it must not be a bottleneck for our Supra Sword speaker cable. Rest assure, there are no any other contact, making a better job for Supra cables, even though competing contacts often are much more expensive.

This combination connector comprises two parts: a connector body with a M6 thread that attach to the cable in two ways; straight or 90°, and contact part with M6 thread that fits the connector body. The contact part may be either the Fork, the BFA/Banana pin or a combination of both depending on desired access angle to the speaker terminal.

The Connector Body M6
The connector Body attach to the cable either straight or in 90° angle. A speaker cable with fork connectors may also attach to the connector Body, often to achieve a different access angle of the connection to the speaker terminal. Printing in red and black, respectively, for polarity identification. The Connector Body houses CombiCon BFA/banana or Fork in the inner M6 thread.

Mechanical Specifications

Quantity per package 50 pieces
Connector Body Screw cable attachment  
Material 24K Gold plated Copper  
Connector part fixing M6 inner thread mm
Cable fixing Nut clamping force  
Maximum cable area 6.0 / 9 mm/ AWG
External size 13 x 15 mm
Polarity identification Red supra logotype inprint