Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060204944
Article no: 1000000917
E-No: -
Qty/pack: 200

Classic 1.6/H
Halogen Free & Flame Retardant 

2x1.6 mm²
Flame Retardant & Halogen Free
Similar to Classic series but using fire retardant PE insulation.This makes it slightly stiffer and with a lower surface friction, which is good for installation.

Application examples: Tweeters in bi-wiring, low power systems or shorter lengths of medium power systems. 

Flame Retardant & Halogen Free
Perfect for installation in official premises.

  • Excellent flame-retardancy E30
  • Halogen-free
  • Low smoke generation
  • Low toxic gas emission

Mechanical Specifications

Cross. Area: 1.6 / 15 (mm2/AWG)
No. Conductors: 2  
No. Wires/Conductor:  204  
Wire Diameter: 0.10 (mm)
Wire Material: Tin plated OFC  
Jacket: PE FRHF  
Ext. Size: 3.1x6.2 (mm)
Weight: 44 (g/m)
Halogen Free & Flame Retardant:   Yes, E30  


Electrical performance

Resistance: 10.8 (Ohm/km)
Inductance: 0.40 (uH/m)