Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060010095
Article no: 1010000154
E-No: 5048885
Qty/pack: 50

Supra BoxCon - Chassis connector, bulk pack 50 pairs
24K gold plated, robust och lavish chassis speaker connector for maximal wire crossection area of 10 mm2. Accepts also fork and BFA/banana. Suitable for a maximal speaker cabinet thickness of 29 mm. Also possible to use in an amplifier chassis. Red or black to distinguish polarity. In addition to the excellent conductivity, they are a true uplift as a luxurious speaker upgrade or as first choice for the self made speaker.

Mechanical Specifications

Quantity per package 50 Pair
Connection alternative Banana/BFA/Fork/Cable Direct  
Mounting Chassis  
Gender Female  
Material 24K brass with high copper content  
Internal cable connection Screw clamp  
Maximal cable area: 10 / 7 mm2 / AWG
External size (Ø x l) 19 x 35-64 mm
Polarity identification Red and black