Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060002298
Article no: 1001800463
E-No: 4866973
Qty/pack: 150
AV Series 
Audio/Video Multi Core Co-ax 75 Ohm

The Supra AV cables are multi-core coaxes of individual 75 Ohm rated coax cores. 

Each core has a braided screen of tin plated OFC. 
The Supra AV series is of very low capacitance owing to the PE foam insulation. 
The construction is especially developed for Home Theatre use, and suits several applications with DB25, Scart, RCA, S-VHS and BNC connectors. 
The timing error is less than 2.2 ns which enables accurate RGB transmission. 
The AV-6.4 comprises a screened 2-pair audio cable as a centre core.

  • Home Theatre
  • Video walls
  • High resolution video projection
  • CG workstations
  • Studio tie lines
Video/Digital cable 75 Ohm 

AnCo is developed for use with aerials, video or component video. For component video you have to run 3 cables in parallel. 
Fits SUPRA RCA-6, BNC-6 and the new antennae connector Acon

Anco Aerial/Component Cable, 75 Ohm, Co-axial Designed for 75 OHM applications. Solid centre core for high quality video properties. Silver plated screen and centre core for enhanced high frequency transfer. PE insulation for low capacitance and high velocity factor. Upgraded with double screening in 2008.