AC-SENSOR 110-230V

Brand: SUPRA
EAN Code: 7330060201516
Article no: 1071100026
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Qty/pack: 1

Supra AC-detecting sensor

Ever wondered which is the phase (hot) connector in your wall socket? Or by all means, where in the wall the live electrical cords runs? Our pen-like AC-sensor, picks up the alternating electrical fields that differs from the neutral (yourself) and will signal by a red flashing tip and a sound.

Use this sensor to determine the phase position from the wall socket all the way out to most electrical devices. There are good reasons to connect all devices in the same phase, preferable the phase causing minimum stray capacitance. Doing so, will lower the noise current driven by diverging signal minus potentials, contribute to a much lowered noise floor and enhance system dynamics and detail.

Further use this sensor to check the alternating electrical field from each mains power flex. Once you have realized how big difference silencing the fields around audio/video devices means, you will open a door to a new world of crisp clean picture and sound.