SUPRA Cables - Experience High Quality HDMI, DVI and HI-FI Cables & adapters.
These cables are specialised VGA cables of the high quality AV series, multi coax of true 75 Ohm and low loss for best performance. Available in many combinations with VGA, RCA, BNC, Scart and DVI.
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VGA-VGA M-M Click here to toggle variations
1001905569 VGA-VGA M-M 10M 1
1001905577 VGA-VGA M-M 12M 1
1001902939 VGA-VGA M-M 15M 1
1001900677 VGA-VGA M-M 1M 1
1001902392 VGA-VGA M-M 2M 1
1001902400 VGA-VGA M-M 4M 1
1001902921 VGA-VGA M-M 8M 1