SUPRA USB 2.0 Cable - A Multi Test Winner!

High Performance, High Speed and the key property Correct Impedance.

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Supra digital cables is without exception perfectly tuned to its application. No of-the-shelf cables, but instead a perfectly impedance aligned design offering the circuit best possible signal integrity with lowest possible jitter (timing faults and other distortions in digital signals). One good example is our HDMI which as far as we know is the only that provides for 1080P transmissions at 32 meters - passively.

We know how to match impedance, how to achieve the desired low capacitance conductor properties and consequently we are well suited to time after time design new cables that becomes rewarded by numerous magazines and consumer tests. Others try to explain it is more than rocket science, we simply design physically and electrically correct, manufacture, pack and offer it at a very moderate price level. Too low many says, to bear the burden of proof as a top notch cable. Well, we could raise the price, but prefer that it becomes affordable to more people. So support the Supra No-Nonsense Concept rather than exotic materials, silly prices and often remarkably low performance.