Supra LoRad Shielded Mains Distribution Blocks

The Supra mains blocks are shielded and radiates only low levels of fields thanks to the aluminium chassis ground connection. The conductive chassis drains the internal interference down to earth potential and prevents adjacent RFI and other malicious fields to enter the distribution block and its leads. It has to be connected to a grounded wall socket with a mains cable providing ground lead, for the shield to work properly. All the mains flex cables to and from the distribution block should for maximum interference dampening/immunity also be shielded. We recommend our Supra LoRad Mains Flex as the best alternative to combine with our distribution block.

The field leakage from the included mains cable to the vast majority of multimedia devices is clearly detectable with our Supra AC Detector;  Just touch the included mains power cable with the AC Detector white tip and you will hear a warning and see the tip rapidly flicker in red to indicate radiating fields from mains power. Now change to a Supra LoRad mains flex and touch the cable with the tip ...

This field is contagious and will induce a mains power superimposed 50 or 60 Hertz signal to any nearby interconnects. Think about what such a mains flex can do to a sub-woofer interconnect; the sub-woofer may play a constant tone of the mains power frequency. Efficient shields and noise drainage are two of Supra's most important design features. You've earned the right to listen to the music - only!

The mains block may optionally be custom taylored. Standard, the blocks are configured with one (1) unfiltered socket (the first from mains-in-connector) and the remaining with NIF-filter. For SP version, all sockets are always surge protected.