Supra Mains Power Distributions Blocks allow for 2 up to 15 mains power sockets (EU) and a staggering 3.68 kW load still safe, noise-free and optionally surge protected. We provide for custom tailored filtering for anyone feeling that filters dampen transient respons in powerful power amplifiers and on stock standard variants are always socket one (1) un-filtered and remaining NIF-filtered. Our 8+ blocks provides as standard two un-filtered and remaining NIF-filtered. Our three-way SP-protection is a lavish protective circuitry in order to provide the maximum level of equipment safety. It will keep equipment safe whatever way the surge will enter, while competitors usually satisfy only Live to Zero surges.

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3024000196 MAINS BLOCK MD06-CH 1
3024000287 MAINS BLOCK MD06-CH/SP 1
3024000261 MAINS BLOCK MD08-16-CH/SP 1
3024000279 MAINS BLOCK MD10-16-CH/SP 1