Multi-channel analogue cabling is today an almost extinct area of technique. where the digital formats now rule. Jenving / Supra Cables is however always prepared to offer cables manufactured according to various requirements other than today's standard. We have a few cables on stock, meeting older technical platforms, from which we can taylor special cables, and larger quantities are usually possible to re-manufacture.

All cables are designed according to the Supra's four No-Nonsense cornerstones and offer efficient screening, low capacitance and high velocity, resulting in superior resolution, low noise floor and explosive dynamics thanks to instant transient response.

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Article no Product
1001900412 6RCA-6RCA A/V 1M 1
1001908829 DUAL 3RCA-3RCA AUDIO 0.5M 1
1001908811 DUAL 3RCA-3RCA AUDIO 1M 1
1001908837 DUAL 7RCA-7RCA AUDIO 0.5M 1
1001908779 DUAL 7RCA-7RCA AUDIO 1M 1