Mains Cables 110-250V

Supra LoRad Mains Flex mkII

LoRad is an abbreviation of Low Radiation. LoRad is a patented product range, using unique design features. While these products help shield you and your family from electric and magnetic interference fields, a today recognised reason for serious illness, your multimedia products is given much better working conditions since RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) is suppressed by efficient shields and also a chance to survive an over-voltage peak from e.g. lightning. The Supra LoRad product range is now well-known and used in hospitals, flight control towers, etc. where there is no room for system malfunction due to electro-magnetic interference deriving from multiple sources. The product range benign audiophile proporties are today acknowledged and match lot more expensive products. Our mains flex is still a flexible cable, approved ackording to Intertek's hard scrutiny, instead of the usual stiff-as-a-crowbar power cables out there. Supra mains flex have helped to maintain the mobility of medical equipment, thanks to the highly flexible and durable design.


Supra LoRad SPC - Silver Plated Copper mains flex 40TH Anniversary cable!

We proudly present a brand new LoRad mains flex version comprising silverplated copper strands for dramatically improved conductivity properties in addition to the Supra LoRad benchmark features. Refer to the product list below for the SPC variants available.




Article no Product
3004000018 LORAD 3X1.5 BLUE B100 100
3004000026 LORAD 3X2.5 BLUE B50 50
3004000042 LORAD 3X2.5 SPC GREY B50 50