All analogue Supra cables are designed with Supra efficient shielding. The shielding provides for low noise pick-up from surroundings that today is full of analogue and digital high frequency noise, so called RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) a particularly malicious component in the signal degradation. Further, Supra cables are designed for low capacitance and high velocity. The higher specification the more unique measures to reach the Supra No-Nonsense peak performance and always free from ridiculous pricing. The result is better musical definition, dynamics and a much healthier economy, making way to much sooner reach the next level of hifi refinement.

We are proud that music lovers all over the world, each with their individual level of hifi equipment, have reached the conclusion that Supra Cables are their first choice of cables also in comparison with cables far, far more expensive and hugely remote to our No-Nonsense Concept. Because that is what the continuous in-flow of comments and messages tells us, our customers is indeed music lovers and strives to replicate the feeling of live music, when dynamics, timing and definition fuses into the wholeness of pure musical joy.

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