Supra Mains Power Distribution Blocks with optional filter, switch and surge protection - British Standards for UK and Ireland market

Jenving Technology offers a mains power product series to further enhance the performance of the consious enthusiast's audio and/or video gear. The major aim is to protect the mains power from further RFI noise pollution on its way to the devices, to reject the already superimposed audibly detectable noise, protect the devices from possible over-voltage, e.g. close perimeter surge and finally to protect from dc current superimposed on to mains by asymmetric electric appliances. It has been incorporated in one mains block size as an option.

Article no Product
3024000428 MAINS BLOCK MD02-BS 1
3024000436 MAINS BLOCK MD02-BS/SP 1
3024000519 MAINS BLOCK MD04-BS 1
3024000527 MAINS BLOCK MD04-BS/SP 1
3024000535 MAINS BLOCK MD06-BS 1
3024000063 MAINS BLOCK MD06-BS/SP 1
3024000568 MAINS BLOCK MD07-BS 1
3024000543 MAINS BLOCK MD08-BS/SP 1
3024000444 MAINS BLOCK MD09-BS 1
3024000451 MAINS BLOCK MD10-BS/SP 1
3024000550 MAINS BLOCK MD11-BS 1