Supra Mains Connectors offer a flexible, sturdy and durable connection between the mains power and devices. There is not one piece over-engineered, the conductors provides for long service life and stable connection as well as patented housing that do not require pre-mounting on the cable as well as featuring a fuse incorporated in the housing. Off course the conductors are plated with a good layer of 24K gold that will endure also frequent re-connections. The perfect match to our mains flex cables, that allow customers with duly knowledge (N.B. check the local law and regulation what level of do-it-yourself work that is approved) to build their own custom mains flex cord sets. Finally they are of approved hospital-, audio grade design and approved for use in airport control towers where an interference jammed e.g. aeroplane radar would be disastrous.

Patent holder: Tommy Jenving, founder of Supra Cables and Jenving Technology, Sweden


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