Supra News May-June 2017 ► Supra LoRad MD01-16-EU/DC-Blocker


Supra LoRad DC-Blocker - Removes up to 3.6 VDC from the mains power AC

Now, Supra Cables has taken yet another step to minimize the impact from malicious elements like DC (Direct Current) superimposed on the mains AC (Alternating Current) in most modern households and industries!

DC voltage derives from a number of electrical appliances and will cause an offset on to you alternating mains power. This offset is the result of electrical devices that do not equally load the AC positive and negative phase. In the ideal mains power supply there should be no DC-offset at all. Refer to below.


















Picture 1) Supra LoRad DC-Blocker











Fig.1) DC-offset on AC mains power (disproportionate illustrative figure)


This DC offset limits the power supply efficiency in most multimedia and hifi equipment and causes transformers to saturate (the iron core). It increases iron core heat build-up and may even cause transformers to sound with a humming noise. Finally it may prolong life of the equipment by means of lowering the heat dissapation inside the device. The sonic impact is in most cases quite dramatic and again it will scale off audible sounds that do not come from the recording. You will listen to music, movies but not to your mains power irragularities.

Again Supra Cables is leading the way by offering a very efficient DC-blocker stopping DC up to 3.6 Volt making it future proof also for next generations of electrical consumers giving DC-offset. It is very easy to add-on to your existing power feed. It does not require protective ground to operate, but we strongly recommend it for a number of other reasons. Your equipment will sound much better and all other Supra mains power devices in the LoRad product range will work ideally.

Again Supra Cables have launched a product that in comparison costs a fraction. We do not spend on bling, just bang for the buck. Our No-Nonsense strategy means that almost all hifi enthusiasts will afford a Supra Cable Product, making exactly the same benign impact.

It is rated 16 Ampere and consequently allows for 3,680 Watt of power. The connection cord is optional and we recommend our Supra Lorad Mains Cord rated for 16 Ampere for optimal operation. Note that the DC-blocker input connector is rated 16 Ampere.

N.B. The filter will not dampen any dynamics. When the sound is much cleaner and tighter after the filter is connected, sometimes listeners perceive the dynamics to be reduced. When there is a difference in music and sound reproduction that will remove parts not really belonging to the source, this is a quite common reaction. On the contrary, bringing down the noice from the equipment will undoubtedly increase dynamics and often substantially reduce the duration of e.g. a bass pulse. Now it will most likely be possible to hear every tone in the bass range, also from each tuned drum skin.

Important! When connecting and disconnecting the Supra DC-filter, follow this procedure. Pull the mains cord connector from the wall socket. Wait until all power LEDs have gone out from the stand-by position. Now you can connect the existing mains power cord to the filter, connect the optional mains power cord to the filter and finally connect it to the wall socket. When disconnecting, always start with wall socket and wait until all connected devices LEDs go out. By doing this you make sure that no electrical charge remains in any of the devices or in the DC-blocker.


Features and benefits

  • Removes DC from AC mains - Silence noise floor substantially
  • Tighter bass reproduction - Outstanding beat from drums, bass and percussion
  • Reduces transformer hum - No irritating noise from the devices
  • Reduces power supply heat dissapation - May prolong life span
  • Filters up to 3.6 VDC - Added capacity for future demands
  • No dampened dynamics - Audible true dynamics
  • Correct reference voltage - Substantially reduced harshness from DAC chips
  • Made in Sweden! - According to Supra Cables No-Nonsense strategy

Supra News April 2017 ► Supra LoRad SPC

Hifi Choice Award for silver plated mains
























Supra News March 2017 ► Supra DisplayPort DP-DP



High Speed Supra DisplayPort cable

A very anticipated Supra cable is now launched! The DisplayPort is an interface for computer graphics which now reaches also projectors and begin to include TV sets. Our Supra proprietary 24K goldplated connectors are robust and incorporates a locking mechanism. And, off course, our highly appreciated and proven Supra HD5/slim cable provides for lightning-fast, well shielded and accurate signal transmissions allowing any graphics to perform at its best.

All features of the DisplayPort interface is incorporated in our new cable and we are proud to now being able to supply photographers, film makers, 3D artists, drawing engineers, computer gamers, etc, a cable that will not slow down or blurr video or pictures.


Features and benefits

  • Efficient shielding contains any noise contamination
  • Ultra-fast and low capacitance preserves binary pulse making it easy to distinguish by the display device
  • Suppress RFI interference a maintaining signal integrity
  • Lavish connectors provides excellent electrical properties, 100% shielding and a locking device
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Made in Sweden!




Supra News running 2017 ► Supra Velcro bindings of mounted cables

From now on and as a running change throughout 2017, the plastic cable ties will be replaced with textile ties with Velcro fasteners. It is thanks to our commited customers who have mentioned to us that during the period between factory mounting and unboxing by the customer, the regular plastic tie may sometimes make a tiny impression in the cable surface.

We have changed this to a textile tie with a Velcro fastener. For customers with cables purchased prior to this change, there will be no actions. The possible tiny mark does not affect performance in any way.

Supra News November 2016 ► Supra LoRad SPC Silver Plated Mains Flex


Supra LoRad SPC is a power cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. Unleash the electrical power by natures best conductor, Silver. All Supra's design features remains with class-leading shielding from harmful and sonically malignant fields such as RFI, magnetic and electrical alternating fields.
It is available both as pre-connected cord sets (recommended by Supra Cables due to hazardous voltage levels, unless sufficient level of skill is achieved) as well as on bobbin and in 10 and 16 ampere versions in EU. Most markets are covered.


Features and benefits

  • SPC - Silver Plated Copper makes up for one of natures best electrical conductor
  • LoRad - Low Radiation by efficient shielding is one of the key elements for suppressing noise floor
  • Lavish exterior in anthracite grey in perfect harmony with the grey and goldplated Supra connectors and the silver-ish print.
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Made in Sweden!





Supra News September 2016 ► Supra Phono 2RCA-CS

Supra Phono 2RCS-CS is a phono cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. The cable is a dual channel connection between a turntable and a RIAA phono stage or a receiver with a dedicated phono input including the Earth Link required for most turntable connections. Supra Phono's low capacitance and thanks to the new carbon/nylon shield, its noise interference immunity, make a dead silent cable suitable for low output moving coil cartridges. Further the low capacitance allow for best transient response, without damping or slowing down the musical beat.

Features and benefits

  • Efficient shielding makes a dead silent cable provides maximum signal integrity also for moving coil cartridges
  • Earth Link efficiently cancels any earth potential hum
  • Suppress RFI interference that are highly malignant for the noise floor
  • Lavish RCA-CS connectors provides excellent electrical properties, 100% shielding and gentle chuck lock cable relief
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Made in Sweden!

Supra News September 2016 ► Supra XL Annorum

Supra XL Annorum is a speaker cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. The name derives from playing with latin numbers and language where XL means -10+50=40 and Annorum is a bent form of Anno, latin for year, hence 40 Years. We take great pleasure in the fact that this cable is developed together with a reknowned Swedish speaker designer famous for e.g. QLN speakers among others. The intention was a conductor lead for the internal wiring of drivers and cross-over filter. During the progress we acknowledged such good performance that the idea of having the conductors forming a complete speaker cable came to life.

The design is a 4 x 1.6 mm2 square shaped lead configuration, where each lead comprises a plastic core around which 12 strands 5N oxygen-free copper are spun in a tight pitch. This minimizes skin-effect and inductance efficiently and by choosing the sonically benign PP as di-electric (insulation) the sonical stability by preventing corrosion and material fatigue, will remain at highest possible level year after year.

The specification and performance fits right in between our Supra Quadrax and Sword edition.

It is available mounted in a Star Quad, single-wire fullrange configuration (2 ►2), single bi-wire (2 ►4), dual bi-wire/bi-amp (4 ►4) and B75 bobbin.


Features and benefits

  • Star Quad configuration for inductance cancellation and noise immunity
  • CombiCon contacts features maximum customer convenience. Forks included.
  • 5N oxygen-free copper strands spun on core to minimize skin-effect
  • PP dielectric for maximum signal integrity and chemical stability
  • Developed in co-operation with renowned Swedish speaker designer as internal wiring
  • Will be incorporated in his newest speaker project’s internal wiring
  • Made in Sweden!

Supra News May 2016 ▶ Supra Rondo CombiCon 4 x 2,5 mm2 - Fullrange Star Quad and Single Bi-Wire

Supra Rondo CombiCon 4 x 2,5 mm2 - Fullrange and Single Bi-Wire

Now we launch the Supra Rondo 4 x 2,5 mm as pre-terminated with our finest speaker connectors Supra CombiCon in standard lengths. Included are both BFA/bananas and forks simply interchangeable since we use threaded connectors and high pressure air tight crimped contact bodies with threads. Just a small spanner will do the trick.

Supra Rondo - A versatile, electrically sound speaker cable

The Supra Rondo cable allows for a number of possible connections, where the full range Quad Star, is a nearly ideal laid out suppressing the inductance to low levels. Thanks to its four leads it is possible also to connect as bi-wired or bi-amplified. Tests have shown that full range Star Quad, supplemented with a good jumper replacing the often really poor leads konnecting high and low range connectors on the speakers give the best conditions for a better transition of music. Further to the Star Quad lead configuration, the short pitch twinning of the leads, contributes to even lower inductance and lowered tendency to pick-up RFI from the surroundings. Yes, RFI is highly malignant also in the speaker circuit. Any means to lower RFI in your hifi or multimedia equipment will undoubtedly pay off with lower noise floor and a much crisper and sharper picture as well as a sound full of micro dynamics standing out from a pitch black background, with a completely new level of bass attack and dynamic compared to a standard cable. Supra Rondo is available on bobbin, blisterpacks and pre-terminated with Supra CombiCon contacts. Let the show begin!
Refer to the links above for all available versions.

Supra News November 2015 ▶ Supra Cat 8 Series

Cat 8

Supra Cat 8 Cable
Supra Cat 8 is ahead of the competition by providing a future proof cable supporting up to 40GBASE-T over a single cable. It is backwards compatible with Cat 6A standard. Supra Cat 8 connections is an improved RJ45 to secure the support of the extreme performance provided. It steps up the performance by four times from Cat 6A with its bandwidth of 2000MHz!

Supra Cat 8 should be used in any application where correct data stream is critical, e.g. 4K and 8K video streaming, high resolution music streaming, advanced gaming, computer centers and in-building installations. Its stunning performance will lower or completely cancel the need for re-sending bits, which is very important to avoid for example video loss/flickering when streaming or stuttering in music streaming and voice communication.

Supra Cat 8 is designed with double shields to avoid interference and data losses, critical in some applications. Further it is ideal for Power of Ethernet (PoE) applications providing a larger conductor cross-section compared to Cat 6A, resulting in higher power transfer without voltage drops.

Supra Cat 8 Patch Cables

  • Supra Cat 8 cable with our proprietary RJ45 connectors
  • Standard lengths are 0,5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 meters
  • Other lengths on request

Supra Cat 8 RJ45 Connectors

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong cable clamping
  • Specially developed RJ45 connector for high speed Ethernet systems, the only connector we grant the cable bandwidth.


Supra News August 2015 ▶ LoRad MD Series mkIII


Supra MD Series mkIII with Switch

  • Significant impact on sound quality
  • Compares to much more expensive filtered mains blocks!
  • All 6-ways mains power strips are now available with a two pole high current in-rush switch
  • Made in Ljungskile, Sweden!

What is high in-rush current?
When an audio equipment is turned on, e.g. a power amplifier, there is an initial current flow almost corresponding to a short circuit. In general one should count on a current peak between 10 and 15 times nominal current. Our switch is specially designed to allow high in-rush current without damage and is approved for nominal currents at 20 ampere. We guarantee that high in-rush current will not be a problem for Supra mains blocks.

MD06-EU mkIII Switch

  • 6 Schuko EU sockets
  • NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filter)
  • Fully shielded - all aluminum housing
  • Ceramic slow burn fuse at 10 ampere nominal
  • Two pole high in-rush current switch

MD06-EU/SP mkIII Switch

  • 6 Schuko EU sockets
  • NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filter)
  • SP (Surge Protection = overvoltage from e.g. lightning)
  • Fully shielded - all aluminum housing keeps current clean från RF (Radio Frequencies)
  • Ceramic slow burn fuse at 10 ampere nominal
  • Two pole high in-rush current switch

All 6-way mains blocks with Belgian/Swiss/UK/Australian/Italian sockets can also available with high in-rush current switch.


Supra News  March 2015 ▶ SkyFlex Loudspeaker Cables

USB Micro

JenTech SkyFlex

SkyFlex is particularly adapted for installation. The round cross section, slim and highly flexible cable construction makes the cable ideal for wiring in conduits. The low friction jacket makes it easy to install several cables simultaneously in the same conduit.

Also available as OEM, in any apperance. Pls. request a quotation from your local dealer or agent.

JenTech SkyFlex 2 x 1.6 

  • Conductors - 2 x 1.6 sqmm, OFC 
  • Number of strands per conductor - 120 x 0.127 sqmm
  • Standard color - white, any color upon request of quotation

JenTech SkyFlex 2 x 2.5 

  • Conductors - 2 x 2.5 sqmm, OFC 
  • Number of strands per conductor - 204 x 0.127 sqmm 
  • Standard color - white, any color upon request of quotation


Supra News  Oct 2014 ▶ USB 2.0 Series

USB Micro

Supra USB 2.0 Cable - A Multi Test Winner!

  • High Performance
  • Bit exact stream give superior sound quality
  • Allows for high speed (high frequency) preserves a distinct digital square wave
  • Available - Type A male, Type A female, Mini B och Micro B connectors up to 15m

USB 2.0 A-B

  • Hi-Speed
  • Type A-B


  • Hi-Speed
  • Type A - Micro B


  • Hi-Speed
  • Type A - Mini B

USB 2.0 A/F-A/M

  • Hi-Speed
  • Type A Female - Male

Supra News April 2014 ▶ LoRad MD Series mkIII


Supra MD Series mkIII

  • Six up to ten ways mains block with optional surge protection
  • Fully shielded - no pick-up of noise from surroundings
  • Will have a profound impact on sound quality in any hifi equipment - evident up to above EURO 50.000:- level
  • Made in Ljungskile, Sweden!


  • 6 Schuko EU sockets
  • NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filter)
  • Fully shielded - all aluminum housing keeps current clean från RF (Radio Frequencies) noise
  • Ceramic slow burn fuse at 10 ampere nominal


  • 6 Schuko EU sockets
  • NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filter)
  • SP (Surge Protection = overvoltage from e.g. lightning)
  • Fully shielded - all aluminum housing keeps current clean från RF (Radio Frequencies) noise
  • Ceramic slow burn fuse at 10 ampere nominal

MD08-16-EU/SP mkIII

  • 8 Schuko EU sockets
  • NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filter)
  • SP (Surge Protection = overvoltage from e.g. lightning)
  • Fully shielded - all aluminum housing keeps current clean från RF (Radio Frequencies) noise
  • Allows for 16 ampere nominal current

MD10-16-EU/SP mkIII

  • 10 Schuko EU sockets
  • NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filter)
  • SP (Surge Protection = overvoltage from e.g. lightning)
  • Fully shielded - all aluminum housing keeps current clean från RF (Radio Frequencies) noise
  • Allows for 16 ampere nominal current


Supra News March 2014 ▶ LoRad EU Angled Cord sets

Supra LoRad 1.5 CS-EU/A (Angled, 10A)

  • Shielded cord set with LoRad 3 x 1.5 mm² cable
  • SWF10 female connector (IEC-320) and SW-EU/A angled male plug
  • Nominal current rating 10 ampere
  • EU-version, with Schuko plugs, is the most common standard in Europe for the exception of Denmark, Italy, Ireland and Britain, where Supra offers the local standard


Supra LoRad 2.5 CS-EU/A (Angled, 10A)

  • Shielded cord set with LoRad 3 x 2.5mm² cable (mkII)
  • SWF10 female connector (IEC-320) and SW-EU/A angled male plug
  • Current rating 10A
  • EU-version, with Schuko plugs, is the most common standard in Europe for the exception of Denmark, Italy, Ireland and Britain, where Supra offers the local standard


Supra LoRad 2.5 CS-16-EU/A (Angled, 16A)

  • Shielded cord set with LoRad 3 x 2.5mm² cable (mkII)
  • SWF16 female connector (IEC-320) and SW-EU/A angled male plug
  • Nominal current rating 16A (N.B. To utilize current rating wall socket fuse must be 16 ampere)
  • EU-version, with Schuko plugs, is the most common standard in Europe for the exception of Denmark, Italy, Ireland and Britain, where Supra offers the local standard.

Supra News March 2014 ▶ LoRad Angled Mains Plug

Supra SW-EU/A - 90° Angled Male Plug 

  • 16A Schuko
  • European Standard
  • Gold plated pins
  • Accepts a cable Ø 11mm and cable area up to 2.5 mm2
  • Mates also the French standard

SUPRA LoRad SW Series - A Series of Patented Mains Plugs 
SW is a series of mains plugs for 110-240V, safety approved High-end Audio Grade, Medical Grade for hospitals and for EHS (electro hyper sensitivity). Accepts large cables. Easy to assemble, no loose items, no parts of housing needed to mount prior to finalizing connection. 

Available for American, British and European standards. 

Supra News February 2014 ▶ LoRad mkII

Supra LoRad mkII 
Available in Ice Blue 3 x 1,5 mm2 and 3 x 2,5 mm2

LoRad is a wordplay of low radiation and aims to minimize both electrical and magnetic fields (noise) radiating from or into the conductors. LoRad protects from e.g. wireless and mobile phones, radio broadcasts, wifi, blu tooth, among others. LoRad mkII is an evolution of the concept with improved shielding properties, flexibility, bend-resistance and strength.

Two techniques are being used. First the shield minimizing the alternating electrical fields from the cable. It also minimizes the RF pick-up (radio frequency). The magnetic fields both from and to, are cancelled by twisting the conductors in a short pitch, hence reducing the inductance

The benefits are pronounced transients and because musik is nothing but an almost infinite number of sinus waves, it is crucial to isolate the music transients from the malignant in the power input. The result will be music free from components arising from other sources than the played source. By lowering the noise floor, lots of un-heard micro-dynamics will appear, some of them carrier of 3D soundstage. Use the Supra LoRad cables to connect all equipment to the power source incorporating the filtered LoRad mains distribution list and you will be stunned by all the new details that now emerges from your album collection.

The differences between LoRad mkII and the original cable,  is that we now base it on the unique Supra Nylon Screen concept. The result is futher improved shielding properties, bending strength, environmental immunity, higher tensile strength and less microphonic effect. The Nylon screen is connected to earth with a drain-wire. We have tested and evaluated all known types of shieldings for making such a good cable as possible. SUPRA’s semi-conductive Nylon screen was the only one that passed the safety requirements and, moreover, its shielding properties was best in test. LoRad MkII is tested and certified by Intertek Sweden, meeting the European safety regulation HD21.5 S3.

The cable must be connected to a wall socket with ground terminal to achieve LoRad effect.



SUPRA News October 2013 ▶ Ply

SUPRA Ply 3.4 Wide - Ultra Low Inductance

Available in Ice Blue color, 2 x 3.4 mm2

This cable is a true evolution of the Ply concept. The tin plated multi-strand braid is rolled flat under high pressure in two steps, same process as for the Flat 1.6. The idea behind a larger conductor surface facing each other with a short distance between, is lowering inductance at the expense of the much more benign capacitance. The advantage is an even faster transient response, hence the transpareny and explosive dynamics. External size of Ply 3.4 Wide is 9.6 x 5.3 mm, while standard Ply 3.4 is 7.2 x 7.2 mm 

Supra Ply 3.4 Wide features and benefits

  • Ultra low inductance - Good dynamics, crystal clear highs and sound stage presence.
  • Easy to strip - No special tools needed
  • Easy to connect - Connectors not necessary
  • Tin plated - Anti-corrosive among other benefits
  • Made in Lungskile, Sweden!

Supra Ply wide is available on bobbin, fixed lengths blister and pre-wired with Supra CombiCon Connectors in blister pack. 

Sales information 
Ply 2x3.4 Wide Ice Blue B100 (Bobbin) #1000000958
Ply 2x3.4 Wide Ice Blue 5m (Blister) #1000000990
Ply 2x3.4 Wide Ice Blue 10m (Blister) #1000001006
Ply 2x3.4 Wide Ice Blue CombiCon 2x2m #1000100634
Ply 2x3.4 Wide Ice Blue CombiCon 2x3m #1000100642
Ply 2x3.4 Wide Ice Blue CombiCon 2x4m #1000100659



Supra News September 2013 ▶ Flat

Supra Flat 1.6

Available in standard color white and 2 x 1.6 mm2 conductor area.

This is a new super thin speaker cable, only 1.95 mm thick and 11.7 mm wide. Ideal for unobtrusive wiring e.g. on wall or under carpet. Can be taped to the wall using Supra’s double-sided adhesive tape. One set of 10m Supra Cable Mounting Tape MT9 is included in the cable carton.

The conductors consists of compressed tin plated OFC braid. The special manufacturing process makes the cable both super flat (thin) and highly flexible. The tin plated copper contributes to a better sound quality by minimising the skin-effect and making less phase shifting signal jumps between the individual strands.

Cable in blister


  • Unobtrusive wiring on wall and under carpet
  • No special installation tools required
  • Easy to strip
  • Flexible design for easy routing in corners and around doorframes
  • Easy connection. No connectors are required
  • Paintable insulation
  • Can be taped to the wall with Supra's double-sided adhesive tape
  • Tin plated conductors provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Made in Sweden